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When to hire an executive/management
coach and consultant

The following lists 10 circumstances where our services can be most empowering for you.

  1. You’re an Executive Director who is facing the need to develop new leadership skills to effectively lead his or her growing organization.
  2. Your management staff functions independently of each other when what is needed is a team approach.
  3. You are a stressed out leader or manager who’s ready to approach your work/life balance from a fresh perspective.
  4. Your organization is ready to articulate and integrate its mission, vision, values as foundations for its work.
  5. You’re on a leadership or project team that has disconnected from its mission and focus and is ready to reconnect.
  6. Your organization is ready to move from distrust to trust, conflict avoidance to welcoming the opportunities conflict creates and to leveraging commitment and accountability to produce results.
  7. You love what you do and still feel that something is missing.
  8. You’re ready to transition your career and want to create a succession plan to ensure the well being of your current organization.
  9. You want to create collaborative opportunities within your community and don’t know how to leverage your connections and make it happen.
  10. You’re just plain worn out and need support!
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