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“Wow, Monique! Your newsletter is jam-packed with information.  Good for you and the good that you're doing for society.  May you continue to grow and prosper with your current endeavor.  Thank you for all you do and especially for who you are!”

Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer

SoulWorks Coaching’s Philosophy

Think about it. You are the only you there will ever be. There will never be another you.  You and your life are unique in the realm of eternity. That’s pretty amazing!

Your contribution to life is, at its simplest, to be who you essentially are and to act from this place of authenticity.  While simple, this is not easy for we lose contact with our essential selves as part of normal human development.  This, then, is the challenge – rediscovering who we essentially are so we can live a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and expressive of our unique gifts and potentials.

The rediscovery process is enlivening.  I urge you to let yourself be fully engaged by it - bodily, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  It is what we’re here for while living our day to day lives.  Let yourself be challenged, surprised and fulfilled!

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