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"Monique is an inspiration and a true "guiding light" on my journey to connect with my heart and soul.  She has an unusual gift and ability to help you break through self-imposed barriers and truly create the life YOU WANT for yourself. As my coach, she inspires me to reach for greatness and helps me to connect with and share my gifts and talents with my family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues.".

Stefan Pagacik, CEO
The CTECH Group, LLC

Personal Coaching

What is Coaching?

The word “coaching” describes the relationship and process that generates a transformative process for you, the client. This relationship provides the safe, sacred container where you get to discover, embrace and manifest your life’s aims and purpose. This relationship holds the accountability, support, challenge, love, vision, perspective, and motivation that enable you, the client, to have the life you want.

Coaching is not a quick fix or panacea.  Its outcome is a sustainable change in you that enables you to create a future radically different from your past.  How does this change happen? By identifying self-limiting beliefs and their corresponding behaviors you stimulate a change in the self that has created your status quo. From his understanding get to be at choice to stand aside from what limits you to experience the true self that is empowered and empowering. This is often arduous work that requires vulnerability, rigorous self honesty and a great sense of humor! 
The value of coaching lies in between the sessions where you undertake co-created activities and inquiries to explore yourself and how you’ve been living. It is in between sessions that you begin to live in the moment, release your historical self and take focused action on a compelling vision for the future. 

SoulWorks Coaching employs teachings and methods that incorporate wisdom from many spiritual traditions as well as quantum physics, mindfulness, body awareness and spiritual psychology. We also partner with Diamond Horse Coaching to provide clients the amazing insights and experiential learning offered by horses as coaching partners.

When do I hire a coach?

Not sure when or how coaching can support you?  Here are ten reasons to hire a coach:

1.  You have a personal or professional vision and are ready to make it happen.
2.  You want to challenge yourself to be the best you can be in your life and work.
3.  You are ready to be supported rather than always be the supporter.
4.  You want to learn coaching skills to empower the people in your life.
5.  You feel called to take radical action and don’t know what that is.
6.  You are contemplating or facing a major life transition – divorce, career, loss.
7.  You want to rebuild your life after a divorce, career change, loss.
8.  You want to fill the hole in your soul that nothing seems to fill.
9.   You want more meaning from your life.
10. You are stuck.


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