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"Monique is an inspiration and a true "guiding light" on my journey to connect with my heart and soul.  She has an unusual gift and ability to help you break through self-imposed barriers and truly create the life YOU WANT for yourself. As my coach, she inspires me to reach for greatness and helps me to connect with and share my gifts and talents with my family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues.".

Stefan Pagacik, CEO
The CTECH Group, LLC

Soulworks with Horses

SoulWork with Horses!                   
Deep inner work is essential to being a conscious human being.  This SoulWork can be catalyzed in many ways, e.g., coaching, study, art, creative movement, yoga, spiritual practices.   

Monique has chosen horses or rather they have chosen her, to be a space holder for the wisdom inherent in interspecies relationships that contributes to inner work. Having had a deep love of horses since a child, she has experienced first hand the healing, empowerment, awareness and personal leadership that working with horses produces.  In 2009 she founded Diamond Horse Coaching to fulfill her vision of  “Connecting People and Horses to Transform the World” through equine guided coaching and learning.

Why Horses?
Horses are highly sensitive prey animals.  Their fundamental instinct is self-preservation, not to get eaten by a wolf or other predator. They protect themselves by living in herds and by fleeing rather than fighting.  Their sensitivity to energy, acute hearing, 340 degree vision and ability to run like the wind has enabled them to survive as a species for millennia.

Winning with Horse PowerIt is the horse’s exquisite sensitivity to a client’s subtle energetic shifts that creates a dynamic experiential learning opportunity for the client.

All the work is done “on the ground” – not in the saddle - so no riding experience is necessary.

Testimonials from Living Out Loud workshop:
Many thanks to the incredible women who attended Living Out Loud Aug 3, 4!  And thanks to my co-facilitator and powerful loving woman, Tara Nieves ( This was a first of its kind combination of Therapeutic breath, Equine guided coaching and Drumming. Special thanks to Stephen Whitney for opening and closing the workshop with a drum circle.

Here’s some of what participants received from this workshop:

“Direction and purpose,” 
“A Deeper understanding of what’s happening in my life and a direction to work with in healing”
“That I am worthy”
“Releasing fear and a plan of action”
“A very Big Gift!”

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