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"Monique is incredibly insightful and non-judgmental. Working with her and the horses has been life altering for me, both personally and professionally. I am learning to trust myself more, to honor my values, and to show up as an authentic, caring and courageous leader. Since we’ve been working together I have taken on additional management responsibilities and have received positive feedback not only from my director and VP, but from my direct reports as well as from leaders throughout the organization."

~ LM, Senior Manager
Fortune 500 Company

“I spent an incredible two day workshop with Monique and her horses and with several other business leaders within our company.  The experience made me focus on important qualities that make an effective leader and provide me with a true self-assessment of areas for improvement.  The personalized attention and clarity provided in those two days were far better than any other development program I have attended or leadership book I have read.”

~ C.G., Sr. Company Counsel
Fortune 500 Company

"Monique is a solid and seasoned coach who has smoothly integrated horse wisdom into her existing coaching practice.  Like the horses, she brings a deep honoring of soul into her coaching.   As an apprentice in our equine-guided coaching program, she went above and beyond the requirements by creating and delivering soul-filled horse programs which had lasting impact on the participants.   She’s top on our list when we need quality facilitators to help deliver our equine guided workshops."

~ Ann Romberg and Lynn Baskfield

“I love horses and I love the "beingness" of them. Thanks for a fantastic coaching session at the barn with you and our new friend. He was amazing... horses are sooooo intuitive. I learned how to just be today and was taught by a horse. The connection to nature was what I needed that day and it has been with me ever since. Thank you once again.” 

~ R. S., Massage therapist

"What I loved about the workshop was making new connections and hearing different perspectives from people coming from different backgrounds. I also enjoyed having the interactive equine coaching.  This is very hands on, and not something that can be expressed by listening to group discussions, etc.  I enjoyed the one on one coaching received at this time, which isn’t usually possible in small workshops. I had a really fun and productive day.  I enjoyed attending the workshop and felt a lot better about myself and leadership skills when I left.” 

~ L. R., Educator

“Thank you for a wonderful experience on Saturday. You exceeded my expectations.  You and Emily have a very nice teaching style - different from each other, but very complimentary.  Your careful preparation was obvious, and you checked with each other throughout which was so good.  You handled a very diverse group with ease. Nice going.  It was a pleasure working with and learning from you.”

~ D.S., Educator

“My self-care has been amped up since the last Diamond Horse. I’ve had more resources to draw from and more restraint to skillfully respond in a difficult situation. I've also been taking more Sundays or Saturdays as retreat/reading days. My friends have noticed I'm not as frayed. Hi to my Horse coach Murray.” 

~ N.B.

“Thank you Monique.  I loved the workshop!”

~ Heather
Horse Coaching Workshop Participant



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