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Please enjoy this snippet called Pause-It Project. The first recording we’ve done!

For a soothing, stress reducing experience, contact Stephanie Woods, Harmonic Sound Therapist.
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Find Your Beat!

drummingTeam Building, Leadership Development, Peace Making

Drumming Programs

Our customized programs provide you with:

  • A toolbox of simple rhythm and sound games*
  • A plan to incorporate games with your constituents
  • Hands on experience leading drumming activities
  • Personal empowerment to make you a more effective leader

*Drums, percussion instruments & fun substitutes provided

To schedule a needs assessment contact Stephen or Monique.

About Drumming

drummingDrumming has been a tool for communication and spiritual development in numerous civilizations throughout history. Drums come in many shapes and sizes just like people do. One aspect of drumming that makes it so special is that every drum produces its own unique sound only through the singular individual who exerts him or herself physically, emotionally and spiritually to communicate that sound to the world.
Sound and its rhythm surround us continually from the beating of our hearts and the rhythm of our breathing and voices to the sounds of the wind, rain, birds; to the man-made sounds of machinery, traffic, computers, cell phones, etc. How often do we really stop and listen to the sounds and rhythm around us? How often do we really listen to the sound of our own heartbeat, to the deeper calling of our hearts and souls, to the rhythm of our lives?

Finding our rhythm or beat means to get in touch with our inner voice, to discover it’s tone and to experience the patterns of its rhythm. In this realm there is no right or wrong sound or rhythm. It is simply, what it is. The process of exploring, listening, feeling and expressing the qualities of our unique sound and rhythm is liberating. Once we are able to hear our inner voice we can choose to consciously communicate the emotions and sensations we are feeling through the sound and rhythm of the drum. 

In your work with us you will explore sound as a reflection of your values, those guiding principles that define who you are and what’s important to you in life. You will explore rhythm as an expression of your “being” in the moment, your leadership and as a contributing member of a group. Join us in a truly joyful drumming experience!

Visionary DrummingAnnouncing! Visionary Drumming

We are looking to create partnerships with other drum circle facilitators. See Visionary Drumming for more information.

Health Rhythms® Protocol

We are thrilled to provide the acclaimed Health Rhythms Protocol.  Developed by Barry Bittman. M.D. and Christine Stevens, LICSW this protocol addresses the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Evidence obtained through controlled, peer-reviewed published scientific studies has shown this protocol can:

  • Improve the immune system response Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator
  • Reduce stress
  • Positively impact mood and morale
  • Improve communication and creativity
  • Reduce burnout and turnover in the work place
  • Increase bonding
  • Increase personal empowerment

Plus it's FUN! 

Participants experience wellness activities, drumming, guided imagery and sharing in a safe, fun, empowering, relaxing atmosphere!

This program is great for 8-12 participants, or more with prearrangement, and is perfect for schools, support groups, long term care facilities, medical centers, corporate team building, communication and wellness programs.

What our Health Rhythms group participants are saying:

Parkinson’s Support Group

“A different but very interesting manual/audible exercise.  Very relaxing.”

“It was fun. I enjoy flute and drum music as I find it is relaxing. Thank you very much for a fun, relaxing time.” ~ Barbara

“Lots of fun. Everybody eventually got into it. Hard to resist the rhythm.”
“Excellent facilitation and fun way to move.

Adolescent Recovery High School

“It was relaxing. It’s hard for me to calm my mind. It gave me a focus so I relaxed easily.”

“It was very relaxing. I enjoyed it.”

“It was a good time. The guided meditation was good.”

“A new pleasant experience. Would like to do it again!”

Wellness Workshop

“I felt peaceful and relaxed and was able to express myself openly. I enjoyed the open and talkative group. Putting the feeling into the drum helped me talk about the feeling.” ~J.K.

“I enjoyed the drumming, guided meditation, interaction and self-expression. Felt grounded, peaceful and tingly.” ~J.R.

“I felt relaxed, connected to the earth, discovered a value of myself which I had never thought of before.” ~A.S.

“ I felt a sense of peace and enjoyed the exposure to a ne way of drumming. This was wonderful.”  ~D.B.

Your Facilitators

Monique Morimoto Flaherty MS, CPCC, founder of SoulWorks Coaching® inspires people to discover and manifest their true potential. Monique combines coaching with horses, in equine assisted coaching, and most recently, drumming to create unique learning opportunities in personal leadership development. These methods release her coaching clients and workshop participants from their normal sense of self to discover gifts previously unknown to them.

Stephen Whitney, CFC, is an experienced, world travelled musician. Stephen helps people discover their latent talent through the sound and rhythm of congas, African drums and percussion. Participants in his drumming playshops, a huge success in southern France, were infused with enthusiasm and new found freedom of expression. He is thrilled to bring his work back to the US.

drumming circleOur Appearances So Far!

  • Youth Workers’ Conference
  • Circle the City- JP
  • Circle the City- Boston
  • Workshop in the Woods, Georgetown, MA
  • Healthy Living Cruise, Hingham, MA
  • Lazarus House Ministries, Inc.
  • Private drum circles, Quincy, MA
  • The Eastern MA Rhythm Festival
  • The Cambridge Carnival
  • Healing Tree Yoga
  • Marina Bay Skilled Nursing Facility
  • LaSalle Village
  • Queen Anne Nursing Home
  • NE Sinai Hospital
  • The JP Toddler Drum Circle
  • Real Life Yoga
  • Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center
  • The Village at Duxbury
  • Laboure After School Program, South Boston
  • Outside the Box Arts Festival, Boston, MA
  • Allerton House, Quincy, MA
  • Monarch Assisted Living, Woburn, MA

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