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"Monique Morimoto Flaherty is a dedicated and "real" life coach. She asks the fundamental questions that are insightful, meaningful and truthful thereby facilitating her clients on their journey to an authentic, purposeful life. If you are ready for a life transformation Monique can lovingly guide your path." 

Candita Mamet
Editor, Publisher & Radio Host of The Healthy Living Guide


About Soulworks Coaching

A Personal Story

I woke up one day in 1999 in a successful career as the Director of Quality in a life sciences company (having recently earned an MS in Quality Management) and knew that this part of my life was done. I was stressed out, discouraged, disheartened, 80lbs. overweight, exhausted.  I decided to entertain the thought of leaving but had no clue as to what to do next.  Having no children, I had built my identity and life around my career.   I was perplexed by the huge question of "Who am I without the job, title, responsibilities, salary?"

Thus began a time of deep soul searching.  I was not sure what meaning life held separate from my job. My confidence and self esteem continued to be challenged as the pressures, internal and external, grew.  Finally, with the support of Jim, my husband at the time, I decided that I would leave, take the summer off and see what emerged from my muddle.

I began to plan my escape.  I drafted a letter of resignation, dating it June 7th (It was then early May). My last day at work would be June 28th, 1999. I saved the letter in my file.  On June 2nd I was notified that I was being laid off, that my last day was the 25th and I was getting a six-month severance package!  My plan and the Divine plan were off by 5 days – I liked God’s better! 

This event changed my life.  It showed me that when I truly trust myself, even to the point of taking what seems to be drastic action to take care of myself, I will be given way more than I planned.  This belief has become an underpinning of my life.

Two of the beloved animals from whom I’ve learned so much…

My Horse, Catfish

Catfish - living in FL

My Dog, Jasper


July 26, 1993 – March 15, 2007

Within 30 days of my layoff, I was introduced to coaching.  I immediately knew that this was what I was meant to do! Thus began my coaching training and certification.  I founded SoulWorks Coaching® in September of 2000 and received my certification as a professional co-active coach from The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA in Nov. 2001 two months after 9-11-01, another auspicious synchronicity.

Thru SoulWorks Coaching I have had the privilege of working with people like you.  I get to see the difference coaching makes in the world.  This difference is as simple and profound as the client who told me, "Now I can truly say, I love myself!  I’m a great person!" to the clients who have started their own businesses, grown existing businesses, gotten married, become stronger, more confident leaders in their organizations and communities, learned to manage their stress, restored precious parts of their self expression.

As a lifelong animal lover I am thrilled to bring horses and equine guided coaching and learning to my clients. Horses speak to me of beauty, power, exquisite sensitivity, humility, patience and grace. They bring to my clients a vibrant, rich experiential learning component that has deep profound impacts, often much more quickly that plain talk-based coaching. Please see for information on my programs with horses.

My work is grounded in the richness of my life, blending and integrating the truths that speak most clearly to me including the fields of spiritual psychology, leadership, soul work, personal development, breath work, quantum physics and the Diamond Approach in which I am currently a student. As an active participant in 12 step programs since 1982 I have been part of the journey of miracles these programs spawn. It is this blend of spirit and practical, corporate and nonprofit work, perspective and out of the box thinking, risk taking and living in the moment that I bring to my clients and the world.  This is my commitment and calling.

About the Soulworks Coaching Logo

This logo came to me in a dream, a message from my soul.  The purple represents the spiritual wisdom available in and as the essence of the soul.  The red represents the passion, strength and essential energy of the soul.

The green is the energy of the heart that is life itself. 

By going deep into the soul, we tap into your passion, strength and essence and integrate these into your whole heart-felt life. 

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