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Watch as Monique coaches a client with Brumbly

Monique's interview on Next Bold Move

Watch Monique's interview on Next Bold Move

"Coaching with Monique has been transformative.  I work in a creative field and know how to turn off the analytical part of my mind when doing a design.Monique has been guiding me in ways to do this regarding the choices for my own life.  I believed that you create your own life but did not know how to get there. She is showing me ways to move through the blocks and access more of the inspiration that is in all of us."

- Chris Bailey, President
Christine Bailey Landscape Services, Norton, MA

Soul's Intent

Welcome to SoulWorks Coaching®!

Since 2001 SoulWorks Coaching’s aim has been and continues to be to create sustainable, transformative partnerships with each client starting where he or she is.  We facilitate soul-filled solutions for our clients - from individuals navigating major decision points in their lives to strategic planning and training solutions for small to mid-sized nonprofits. 

The addition of horses (yes, horses!) through our sister company, Diamond Horse Coaching creates opportunities for individual and organizational clients to engage in their transformation through the unique cutting edge experiential learning modality of equine guided coaching and learning.

SoulWorks Coaching provides Personal Coaching Services for people who are:

  • Contemplating and/or navigating a divorce and want to do so with dignity and soul.
  • Contemplating and/or navigating a career transition that will re-create their professional and personal lives.
  • Contemplating the meaning of their lives and are ready to live life from their own Truth, Passion and Purpose.

SoulWorks Coaching provides Coaching, Consulting and Facilitation Services for Nonprofits that seek to:

  • Grow their executive and management teams’ capacity by providing them leadership, management and team coaching.
  • Provide retreat days for team building, planning, visioning and grounding
  • Leverage resources and promote results through meeting facilitation
  • Develop and execute a dual bottom-line –mission and financial –focused strategic plan

NEW! 2012

“SOULWORKS RHYTHM®” a subsidiary of SoulWorks Coaching® combines drumming, percussion and coaching to create innovative, FUN, powerful team building and leadership development workshops for corporate and nonprofit organizations.  See SOULWORKS RHYTHM® for more information.

Please read on for more about how SoulWorks Coaching works with you to address these crucial personal and professional needs.

Please note: I reclaimed my birth name (Monique G. Morimoto) as of the Fall of 2012. Prior to that my professional name was Monique Morimoto Flaherty.

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